Part 14

Filia has recovered from her accident and after a few weeks big things has happened. She and her children put their money together and bought a big house. There will be enough space for all the grandchildren that Geordie and Taylor will conceive! Filia also thinks it's time to find a husband for Afrodite. The bigger their family gets, the more money Finland will give them, right?

Naturally the arm chair of Pappos Elvis finds its place in the new house too.

Mama Filia is extremely proud of her new dining room in her mansion. She's waiting for her adult kids to finish setting the table for the whole family.

In their previous small apartment, Taylor and Brigitte got used to hiding in the bathroom to get some quiet time. That habit stuck. 

Because Taylor likes to hang out in the bathroom she dragged the old sofa in. It has sentimental value, since she had it already in her first flat in Paris.

Geordie has no problem with the dark and cold season any more. There's always a hottie or two warming up his reign.

But let's see what's going on with Veli and Kultu, shall we. They seem to bee on an evening walk. It's raining but they don't mind, because for them life is good and they couldn't be any happier. 

- I'm going to stop by at my art studio. You go home and tell the girls to pick a movie. I'll bring some snacks on my way home, ok? Kultu says. 
- Sounds like a plan to me, see you soon, Veli replies and gives her a kiss. 

Veli turns around to head home. Suddenly he hears a car approaching and it sounds like the driver is speeding... 

A black pick up truck speeds past Veli and hits Kultu! It all happens in the blink of an eye! Veli screams "Noooooooooooooooo!" and starts running towards his loved one. Whoever is driving the car doesn't care to stop. 

Veli reaches Kultu but she doesn't move anymore. There is blood all over the road. Veli is in shock. "Don't leave me Kultu! I'm calling help, hang in there!" he cries and grabs his phone. 

The ambulance arrives in 5 minutes but it´s already too late. Kultu died immediately. The paramedics tell Veli that there's nothing they could do and they just have to wait for the police and the hearse. It's impossible to describe what Veli is going through now. 

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