Part 1

Meet Veli.

He likes to play his guitar and his young head is full of unrealistic dreams about olympic stadiums, fast cars and beautiful girls.

 This is Taylor, a beautiful girl who likes to shop. A lot.

Taylor´s name isn´t really Taylor. She changed her name because she thinks she looks a lot like Taylor from the Bold an the Beautiful. Naturally one day her life will be as glamorous too.

This is Reiska. Big muscles, tough face, many horse powers.

Reiska has a girl friend. He calls her Muija and she´s fine with that.

If there´s a new bar in town...

... it would be a miracle if Muija wasn't´t there.

- Give me one of everything you have!

Muija doesn't´t spit in the glass.

- Whatshs your name gourgsgeushhh?
- Pete.
- Booooooring.... I call you Sssstheevenn...

- Do you have a... a... girlfhhhhriendh, hanshhome? With that body shurely.

- Oopsiedaisy...

- I will... puke.... call Reissshkah...

Pete calls Reiska who happens to be his old army buddy.

- Will you ever learn, Muija? I told you to only have one.
- I did... one of eachsh...

- Thanks for calling, Pete!
- Hishh name fish Sthev....
- No problem, bro.

 One day Veli is at Reiska´s garage. Reiska helps him to fix his scooter.
- Did Ken invite you to his Independence Day party? Veli asks.
- He did. I hope it´s a come as you are party, because I don´t have any fancy ass suit for some fancy ass party.

Veli is always ready to party. He hopes Ken has invited some beautiful girls.

As it happens there are a lot of beautiful girls, but one girl especially pleases Veli´s eye.

 Veli has the opportunity to play a few goldies and obviously more than just one beautiful girl gets interested.

Reiska has a deep voice and he sings some Elvis songs for the amazed audience.

 Reiska and Muija are having the time of their lives. Veli has borrowed Reiska one of his fancy ass ties.

On the dance floor we spot some new love.

Together they leave the ball room and continue the night in some disco.

Muija has already lost her shoes, so Reiska decides to carry her home before she looses her legs or head.

Luckily it´s a festive season and Muija has plenty of bar nights.

Her special Christmas dance amuses everybody. Or maybe not.

So, Veli and Taylor fell in love at Ken´s party on independence day and they started dating.

Taylor is walking her spoiled schnautzer Riesa. They are heading to Veli´s place like they so often do these days.

Christmas cookies taste good in everyone´s mouth. How cozy it is, just the two of them and the dog.

And time goes by...

Now this is a surprise! The cozy nights on the sofa have done wonders and Taylor and Veli have had a baby since we last saw them!!!

Taylor is having a depression after giving birth. Veli´s big brother Ken is trying to cheer her up with some DerPuppe magazines.
- That is really nice of you, Ken, but keep your voice down. The baby finally fell asleep.

Taylor´s friend Tupu came to comfort her too.
- You don't have a child! You can´t possibly understand, Taylor is whining.

 As always, times heals... Just look how happy they are together now. But where is the baby?

Kids grow up so fast! Here she is! Not a baby anymore, but a toddler!

Their life has become easier now that the baby has grown a bit. Taylor has time to read her fashion mags and Veli has started to play his guitar again.

Remember how Veli used to dream about being a pop star and Taylor wanted to become a top model? But now they are young parents with broken dreams. Life just doesn´t always go as planned. Although life seem to be ok, they both sometimes wonder what it would be like if they had made different choices.

The baby, who is called Ritva, seems to be extremely talented, but her parents don't notice it.

It´s February.
- Valentines my ass, Taylor thinks. She has to do all the house work. Always!

Taylor is about to get a nervous breakdown! Even poor little Ritva got scared of her yelling! Mummy has been on a bad mood lately.

One morning Ritva is waking her daddy up. Taylor isn´t in bed and Veli can't find her anywhere. Ritva spots a note on the pillow.
"Dear Veli. I am so unhappy here and I´m going after my dreams. Take care of Ritva. Don't try to reach me. Taylor."

Time passes by without Taylor. Veli does his best on bringing up a baby girl.
It's a big day today: little Ritva just learnt to write her own name.
- Your mother would be so proud of you... Veli says to her and thinks: if she cared even one bit.

Meanwhile in a cafeteria somewhere far away from here is Taylor, on her way to be rich and famous.