Part 2

Let's see how Taylor is doing! She has watched every single episode of America´s best Top Model and she knows exactly how to prepare for her first go-see. She has her portfolio, her jeans, her simple top, high heels and a ponytail.

Taylor meets the head of a modelling agency. Her name in Bitchie.

Bitchie: - I'm going to be honest with you, dear. You do have a pretty face, but the fact is, that you need to loose a few pounds. And years too. This is a high-class agency. We have no use for over-aged, over-weight models. Good bye.

Ritva says to her father: - Listen, daddy. You really need to take me shopping for clothes. It's so embarrasing to go all around Internet half naked!

Veli askes Ken for help.
- Could you take Ritva shopping? I don´t understand about dresses at all.
- Sure! How old is she anyway? She is quite tiny...
- She kind of stopped growing physically when Taylor left us. She seems a lot older than she looks.
Ritva comments:
 - Who cares! Age is just a number!!!

Ken takes Ritva to a super market.
- Here is a lot to choose from. But you have to choose carefully. Many of these beautiful clothes have been made by tiny hands in China. Just like you and me.

Ken teaches Ritva to search for Finnish handmade clothes on Internet.

Ritva got a gift from Tampere today! Thank you uncle Raynold!

"Pink is really not my color, but I will wear it anyway. That makes uncle Raynold happy. I love the shoes and pants the most! I can finally go to school now!"

First day at school!

Ritva meets her teacher, Mr. Laine, and her classmates.

Ritva gets a seat next to Muija. What on Earth is she doing on the first grade?
- Yeah well, I can´t learn anything. I have been in the first grade for years now.

The snow has melted and Veli gets to ride his Vespa again.
- Daddy, shouldn't we wear helmets?
- I can't afford them. As soon as your mother starts to pay alemony, I will buy you a helmet.

When Ken heard that his niece is riding a scooter without a helmet, he bought her one.

There is maths at school today. Muija seems to be in trouble.

Ritva is so talented that Mr. Laine gets all dazzeled.

Ritva is amazing at arts too.
- You are way ahead of your age, Ritva. We must make sure that you will get the education that meets your requirements, Mr. Laine says.

Ken is just about to read the new Ellos catalogue, when he sees something.
- I must show this to Veli right now!

Ken runs to Veli´s apartment and shows him the latest Ellos catalogue. There is the infamous Taylor on the cover! Veli shows the catalogue to Ritva:
- Look, your mother has reached her goal. She is on the cover now. Well, this is no DerPuppe, but still...
Ritva doesn't say a word. But in the evening she reads a bedtime story to her teddy. It´s about a mother who left her child in order to be semi nude in some magazines.

Veli thinks that he has waited for Taylor´s return long enough. It´s time to move on and move into a new apartment.

Together they hide Taylor´s photo under the sofa.

They need something on the walls and Veli asks Ritva to paint a nice painting.

Time to relax and enjoy the new home with no sad memories.

Ritva is hanging a painting on the wall.
- Amazing work! Who is she? Veli asks.
- She is Kultu, a friend of mine. She is an artist, who gives me lessons, because I´m too much for Mr. Laine. You would like her. She is messy like you and she likes burgers and Coke just like you.

Let's take a quick look at Kultu´s art studio.

Like many artists, Kultu needs to give lessons to make money. She´s very happy to guide Ritva, that unusually talented kid.

Now she is able to buy a used car that she has dreamed of for years!

Kultu takes Ritva for a ride. They both enjoy the breeze on their faces.

Ritva loves to hang around in Kultu´s studio and talk about art.

One day Ritva invites Kultu over and arranges so that Kultu and Veli has to meet.
- May I take your coat?
- No, it's my favourite!
They both laugh. What a connection.

They are playing Scrabble. Naturally Ritva wins every round.

The next day Ritva asks Veli and Kultu to join her for a picnic.

She has prepared a delicious picnic lunch.

They play football even if none of them is a very athletic type.

- You have done terrific job with bringing up Ritva on your own, Kultu says.
- No, it´s the other way round. Ritva has done great job with me, Veli laughs.

It was a perfect day. They head home with happy feelings.

Meanwhile Taylor has found her way to Paris and rented a room there. It´s a crappy hole, but who cares...  it´s in Paris! (Pronounced in a French way.)

Occasionally Kultu and Veli want to meet each other alone. Ritva brought them together, and now they know why. They are a perfect match.

Kultu, Veli and Ritva want to start a band. But they need a drummer and Veli has an idea:
- I think Olga plays drums, Ken has told me about her. She´s a lesbian girl who came to Finland from Russia. She´s a refugee, and her girlfriend smuggled her over the boarder.

The hottest cover band in town is born!

Kultu is the lead singer, singing like an angel.

Veli makes both boys and girls scream and faint with the help of his guitar solos.

Have you ever seen a cuter keyboardist than Ritva?

And on the drums there is Olga! The heart and soul of the band!

Meanwhile in Paris Taylor has realized that she might have made a mistake. Life in Paris isn't at all glamorous. She lives in a dump, she has no money for food and she still doesn't have a modelling contract.