Part 3

It´s Ritva´s matriculation day! It takes 12 years for normal kids to reach this point, but Ritva went through everything in just a couple of years.

In the morning Mr. Laine gave Ritva her matriculation paper, which is full of L's. L is the highest grade you can get.

Even Muija has passed the first three grades! With Ritva´s help of course.

Veli and Kultu are throwing a garden party in Ritva´s honor.

Veli says:
- You make me so proud! And I bet your mother would be proud too, if she new.
Ritva replies:
- Mother? What mother? I don't have a mother, remember? I have you and Kultu and that is just fine!

Everybody is enjoying the party, the sunny day and the non-alcoholic drinks.

Muija however has brought her own bottles. Passing yet another grade is a perfect reason for getting really, really drunk, she thinks.

Before the evening comes, Muija is about to pass out and Reiska has to drag her home.

After all the guests have gone, Veli, Kultu and Ritva stay behind to clean up.

But all of a sudden a happy schnautzer runs from nowhere and knocks Ritva and Kultu over! The dog starts licking Ritva´s face!

And of course after the dog there comes a pair of skinny legs...

Ritva is shocked! She hides behind Kultu.

It's Taylor!!!
- Hello darling, I've returned! Have you missed me?

Everything is such a mess now that Taylor is back.
- Veli darling! Everything can be the way it used to be! We still love each other, don't we? Remember what a wonderful time we had together?

Meanwhile at home Ritva is searching for something she hasn't needed for a awhile.

- Don't be so sad, darling. Now we are together again and we can stay up all night kissing and talking. Like we used to do. Take me home, darling Veli! Taylor says with honey in her voice.
- No!!!! I mean... okay... of course... wait, no... It's not your home. It's Ritva's and mine... I have to think about this...
Veli is very confused. He can smell her perfume and feel how her heart beats against his cheek.

Ritva found what she was looking for. Her safety hat.

Veli rushes to Kultu.
- What am I going to do? I´m all messed up! Why did she come back? Things started to go well with us and now this... What am I going to do with her? And with you!?
- The only girl you need to think about now is Ritva. Go home to her. That is the most important thing.

Ritva is hiding under her hat and refuses to talk to anybody.

The next day Kultu manages to establish an eye contact with Ritva and says that she will take her to a calming place.

They go to an abandoned shore.
- Listen to the wind and the water and the birds. Feel the sand and the heat of the sun, Kultu says.

Ritva realizes that floating makes everything better.

Even though Kultu is also confused about Taylor´s return, she won't leave Ritva. Their friendship will last no matter what happens between Veli and Taylor.

One day Taylor manages to get inside of Veli´s apartment and gives him a massage.

The massage clearly is starting to soften Veli up...

Taylor knows how to get what she wants...

Veli is blinded by his lust! This body, so much time has passed...

But something is bothering Taylor.
- That hidious painting creeps me out. Could we continue this in the bedroom? Who is that cunt anyway?
- Painting? mmmm... mmmmm

Suddenly blood returns to Veli´s brain!
- Oh my god, I was about to make a terrible mistake! The woman in the painting is no cunt, but Kultu. She is the sweetest person ever. And the painting is painted by Ritva - your own daughter!!!!

Veli is coming to his senses.
- You haven't even asked how Ritva is doing! Aren't you at all interested in her?
Taylor starts to cry:
- That kid ruined my body! Because of her I can't get a modelling job anywhere! I never wanted to be a mother! I wanted a luxurious life of a super model! That brat ruined everything.
- This is so sick, Veli mumbles and starts to look for his shirt.

Veli finds Ritva and Kultu at the art studio, where Kultu is encouraging Ritva to express her feelings through art. Veli takes Ritva home.
- I have been an idiot. You are right. We don't need that so-called mother of yours. It's just you and me from now on. And hopefully Kultu if she ever forgives me.