Part 4

Taylor has returned to Paris and got arrested for travelling under false ID. Now we know her real name, that she is so ashamed of.

After getting released from police custody, Taylor takes Riesa for a lunch. Riesa is having spaghetti. Taylor only drinks a glass of water. She is stareing sadly at the plastic flower and mumbles:
- What am I going to do now... No home, no boyfriend, no modelling contract...

Suddenly a strange girl approaches and says to her:
- Hey, I happened to hear you... One can´t hear many Finnish words around here. I might be able to help you.
- Are you Finnish too? My name is Taylor, hello!

- My name is Brigitte... well, not really, but I like to call myself Brigitte because I love Brigitte Bardot!
- Everybody can call themselves what they like, Taylor smiles. She feels good about this girl.
(Just between you and me, Brigitte's real name is Pirkko-Marjatta.)

Taylor is thrilled, when Brigitte tells what´s on her mind:
- Ok, first of all I need a room mate. I have a nice place here in Paris, but you know the rents here... Could you move in with me and share the expences? And secondly, I can help you to get a job at the place I'm working at. With your look you will be worshipped and well paid!

Brigitte showed Taylor's modelling port folio to her boss.
- Jacques liked your pictures. The job is yours!
- Wohou! Thank you so much!
- I hope you won't mind performing in a bikini.
- Certainly not. I have been a swimsuit model at Ellos.

Brigitte takes Taylor to work and meet the boss.
- Thank you so much for this opportunity Moniseur Jacques!
- Bonjour mademoiselle Taylor. It's great to have you here. Brigitte is our best girl and she will teach you everything.

Brigitte gives something to Taylor.
- Here is your bikini. Put it on.
- Bikini? But that looks like...
- Rubber? Yes, it's latex. Very handy, you will see. Are you sure you want to keep those cute lace undies under there? Well, whatever, if it's your thing.

Moniseur Jacques checks the girls out.
- Looking great Taylor. All the new girls fight against Brigitte at first. Do your best. The better show you give them, the more you will get paid.
- Fight? Against? Show????  Taylor doesn't understand anything.

Oh yes, it is mud wrestling. Pretty soon Taylor actually becomes a great mud fighter. She really does enjoy the fight. And with Brigitte she is having fun both at work and freetime.

Meanwhile in Finland the child prodigy is thinking weather to apply to a university or to take a year off. She decides to keep a sabbath year and do some kids´stuff for a change.

These two best friends started a new hobby together. Even the artistic and intellectual types need some physical exercise sometimes.

And naturally the artistic and intellectual types want to pimp their boards.

Reiska and Veli are also enjoying the summer wheels.

Ken has visited Ikea and he brings some furniture to Ritva, who is really joyful.
- You are the best uncle or aunt or whatever! she says and gives him a big hug.

Ritva organizes her Hello Kitty collection.
- Go to bed now, Ritva! It's way past your bedtime! You will have plenty of time tomorrow. Veli shouts from the other room.

Ritva just loves the periodic table of elements. Studying chemistry is her way of having fun.

Ritva is relaxing on her newly upholstered sofa. She´s wondering weather to start studying chemistry, history or Swahili in the university. The possibilities are endless!

 Ken is at a miniature fair in Vantaa and sees a bunch of teenagers who are off for adoption. He feels sorry for them and wonders, which one of his friends would like to adopt a teenager. He decides to call someone who seems to be getting along great with kids.

A long drive back to home is about to start. Ken takes Ulla with him, because Kultu promised to adopt her!

Ken arrives to Kultu's place with Ulla.
- Welcome, sweet girl! I have started to make some room for you. I'm thinking of building a bunk bed, Kultu says.
- This place is awesome! Ulla seems to like her new boheme home.

Kultu and Ulla go through the clothes package that the orphanage has given to Ulla. There are plenty of dresses but they are not really Ulla's style.
- We have to ask Ken to sew you something more up to date, Kultu wonders.

Ulla is very anxious to meet Ritva, who is practically her little sister now.

The girls get along great! After all, they have similarities in their history. They both have been abandoned by their mothers.