Part 5

One evening Veli really catches Kultu by surprise by suddenly going down on his knee:
- Amazing, radiant, golden Kultu, will you marry me?
- Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!

- Ha ha ha that was funny! You almost fooled me... Wait... Were you serious? Oh damn, you were!
The kids are lurking in the doorway. This is exciting!
- Please, Kultu! We have such a great family here. I love you tremendously. Make me a happy man... Even happier than I already am!
- I'm no wife material... I´ve never thought about getting married...
Ritva is starting to worry a bit. Will Veli be able to convince Kultu?

- I hope you don´t have any old-fashioned dreams about me doing the laundry and cleaning your mess and being a star in the kitchen, if I marry you? Kultu askes.
- No, Veli laughs.  I know perfectly well that you can't cook and you hate housework and you are a messy girl. I want you to be just the way you are now! A little dust and chaos haven't killed us so far and it never will! I love your wild spirit and free mind!

- Wow, I never thought I would say this to anyone, but yes, I will marry you.
- Yes!!!!! Kultu, I love you so much!

- I wonder if there are any bridesmaids-to-be around here, Kultu whispers knowing that the girls are just around the corner.
- Yay!!!!! Us two!!!!!!

Life goes on peacefully as Kultu and Ulla move in with Veli and Ritva.

Kultu has now more room for her work, when she doesn´t have to live in her studio - with a teenager.

Meanwhile in Paris.
- Look, Brigitte, there was a new Luke Allen Cooper poster in the bookstore!
- Cool!

- Um... Taylor... We are close friends, so I'm not afraid to tell you this... But I think you have gained some weight recently.
- Oh, does it show already?

- Yes, yes, yes, I'm pregnant. I'm surprised you haven't noticed it earlier. I have been vomiting in the bathroom every morning!
- I thought you just have a bulimia! Oh fuck!!!!!

- Who is the father then?
- I believe it was that Greek guy... George... Geronimo... What was his name again?
- Geordie! Oh my god you slept with him too? What a horrible slut you are!!!!
- So did you!
- Yeah, there's nothing wrong with having sex with whoever, but there is a lot wrong with being unprotected! My god you are slutty in a bad way!!!

Time passes by and Taylor's pregnancy has reached the point where she is unable to work as a mud wrestler any more.

The phone rings.
- Oh, who is it? Having the nerve to interrupt my busy life, Taylor thinks.

Terrible news from work! There's been an accident in the mud!

Taylor rushes to the hospital where they keep Brigitte.
- What happened?
- Remember that big girl from Romania? I was fighting against her, but she is just way too strong and takes the whole thing way too seriously!  Brigitte bursts into tears.

Brigitte crying:
- I can't feel my feet anymore!!!!!
- You poor thing! I would give you a hug but I can't reach you because of this damn monster inside of my body!

One long week later Brigitte is at home again. The girls are reading DerPuppe magazines, when Taylor starts to say something...
- I've been thinking that we should move back to Finland... Both of us.
- Whaaaaaaaaat?! You can't mean that! And leave the fabulous life in Paris?! (pronounced in a French way)
- Well, look at us...

Taylor continues:
- I have to eat for two now, and without the wrestling job it's impossible to buy food! In Finland I would get the unemployment benefit and housing benefit and maternity benefit. We have the best social security and free health care system in Finland! We have to go back.

Taylor continues:
- And what about you then? You are an invalid now! In Finland you get all the benefits for the disabled people! And a personal assistant too! I can't push you around when the baby is born.
Brigitte has to admit that Taylor´s got a point.
- It's a terrible thing to return to Finland, but we can make up some glamorous story about what happened to us in Paris.

Taylor is doing a home perm for Brigitte. They both want to look glamorous and rich when they return to Finland. Also they need to come up with a dazzling cover story. The truth about mud wrestling injury and a pregnancy from a one night stand just isn't good enough.

Taylor helps her friend to lay down on the coach. Brigitte has a great imagination, so she already has a plan on her mind.
- Listen now. We were really important ladies in the fashion world. And you were about to get married to... hmmm... The father of your child, some millionaire. We were on a car and paparazzis were chasing us! Our driver drove really fast to a tunnel and there was a terrible car crash...
- Isn't that what happened to Princess Diana?!
- Well, does it matter? It just adds the tragedy! Everybody loves Di!

- So, your fiance got killed in the accident and I was injured really badly.
- But Brigitte, my maternity dress and leggings don't look like something that a millionaire's bride would wear.
- Don´t worry about anything. There´s nobody waiting for us in Finland. Nobody cares about your clothing. I need to rest now. Rub my feet, could you?