Part 6

It´s a beatiful winter day. Ritva enjoys her sabbath year and spends a lot of time with her favourite uncle.

After studying tremendously hard she deserves to just chill. She´s really hooked on the American medical drama series like House, E.R., Chicago Hope and Grey's Anatomy.

Ulla comes in:
- What are you up to, Ritva?
Ritva says:
 - I'm taking notes of this episode of House. It´s really clear to me now... I will go to university, study medicine and be a doctor. A surgeon, actually.

Taylor and Brigitte have arrived to Finland. The social services gave them an apartment and some maternity clothes for Taylor.

Brigitte rolls herself in:
- Damn I forgot how cold it is here. I bought some take away Chinese for lunch. By the way... I think you should call him and tell that you are pregnant.
- Call who? Veli? Yes, I will! Then he will take me back!
- No, you silly cow!!! Call the father of your unborn child! He has the right to know.

- I can't call him!!!! I don't even remember his name!!!!
- But I do. It's Geordie.
- Of course you do! But haha, I don't have his number!!!!
- I do. Here. Make the call. Do the right thing.

While Taylor is throwing up in their bathroom, Brigitte makes the call.

Somewhere in Greece the phone rings on a very inconvenient moment...
- You Swedish girls, you are the best in the world... Your blonde hair just sweeps me off my feet... Did I tell you my father was Swedish? That's where I got my blue eyes. Wait, sugar, the phone is ringing... Sorry.

- Well hello Brigitte from Paris! How are you sugar? No, I don't... Taylor? Who? I don't remember her. Brunette? I usually don't do brunettes... No wait, it was that one night when I was really drunk!!! I remember her now! She is WHAT??? Are you sure? Oh no... Where? Finland? Where's that? Oh no... Ok... Thanks for telling me sugar. But listen, I'm just in the middle of something. I'll call you back later. Bye now, kisses!

- I'm sorry, my Swedish princess. I'll turn the phone off so we won't be disturbed any more. Where were we...? Oh yes, I was just about to drown into you deep blue eyes...

It´s Valentines Day. And love is... to pose for her when she paints.

Taylor still doesn't´t appreciate Valentines Day. When you are pregnant because of a one night stand and you have lost your true love forever, this is the one day that really sucks.

One evening while Brigitte is once again rubbing Taylor's swallen feet, the doorbell rings.
- Have you invited someone?! At this hour?
- No I haven't. Don't you bother getting up, I'll go and see who it is.

Brigitte returns with the guest and Taylor is shocked! So shocked that she tries to hide behind a blanket. How can this man be here in Finland? In her home? And why?

Geordie needs some answers too.
- What were you thinking, woman? Were you really not going to even tell me about the pregnancy?! You are about to give birth to a son of mine!!!
- It could be a girl too... Taylor mumbles.
On the background Brigitte is checking Geordie out and thinking:
- Wow he is hot. No wonder he managed to fuck us both.

Geordie is confused.
- And what has happened to you, my gorgeous sweet girl? I don't remember you being in a wheelchair when we last had sex!

Obviously they have a lot to talk about.

On the other side of the town the atmosphere is quite the opposite from Taylor´s home. Veli, Kultu, Ulla and Ritva are in their living room and talk about the wedding plans.

Kultu goes to see Ken and asks him if he could sew her wedding dress. Naturally Ken is excited to do that, since he will have to wait for another year before his own wedding takes place. That´s when the same sex marriage finally will be legal.

Kultu shows Ken some wedding dress catalogues:
- See, they are all white and puffy. I'm not a virgin, so I don't want a white dress. And I'm not a cake, so I don't want to feel like I'm covered with whipped cream!

Ken takes Kultu's measures.
- It's been a while since I last was this close to boobs, he laughs.

Ritva would love to help Kultu with the wedding preparation, but she´s too busy at the university. She´s already began her way to becoming one of the leading surgeons in the World. Here she is with her class mate Reetta. They are practicing on a Anne doll.

Geordie has decided to stay in Finland at least until Taylor gives birth to his child. He´s trying to get used to the climate.
- Damn this cold weather makes my fabulous chest hurt! But Finland is full of pretty blondes who are dying to have me. I'll keep myself busy before becoming a father, he thinks.
Very mature, Geordie.

 Geordie isn't wasting any time. He takes Brigitte to a fancy, rustic restaurant.

- To us! And having fun like we had in Paris!
- To us! But let's hurry up with these meals. I have a great appetite for that fun part. Did you get a room already?
- Of course I did! You know me!

Geordie carries Brigitte to the suite. We know the rest.

Meanwhile at home Taylor gets frustrated:
- Where the hell is Brigitte when I need her?! I can't reach that water bottle! And Geordie then? That guy is hanging around here way too often, but of course right now I can't see him anywhere! I'm thirsty, I need that bottle right now! Goddamn it! If this baby isn't going to come out soon, I will personally drag it out of me! I'm so fed up with this condition!

The next day Brigitte is having a visitor.
- Hello. My name is Reetta and I'm here for the personal assistant job.
- Great to meet you Reetta! Sit down and tell me a little about yourself.

- I'm a medical student at the university and this would be a great opportunity for me to get experience.
- Sounds good. Although I'm the one you would be assisting, there is a friend of mine living here too. She is in the bathroom right now. Propably vomiting.

Taylor comes back from the bathroom with blushing cheeks and sits on the sofa.
- I will be having a baby soon and I'm expecting you to help me to take care of it.
- That's fine. I love babies, Reetta replies.

Geordie enters the room.
- Oh, you are here also. Reetta, meet Geordie. You will probably be seeing him quite often.
- Sorry I bumped in like this. I was in the bathroom... Taking a shower.
(Taylor's face just turned a bit more red.)
- Wow, such an innocent and sensual looking young Finnish girl, suomityttö, just like I want them, Geordie thinks and says: - Nice to make your acquaintance, my lady.

When he approaches Reetta to shake her hand, his towel miraculously falls down!
- Jesus Christ! She screams.
- No, just Geordie... Sorry about this... These Finnish towels are so slippery.

It's getting a bit crowded in the apartment now that both Geordie and reetta spend a lot of time there. But life goes on smoothly.

The quality of life has really improved for these girls since Reetta started at her job. Taylor gets her foot massage now regularly. But no more water diets! Reetta makes sure that they all eat properly. Carbs also!

Riesa gets finally some exercise while Reetta forces everybody out daily. Fresh air is good for all of them.

Reetta has actually started to like these clueless ladies. She admires Brigitte's strength to stay confident and enjoy her life and not letting the wheelchair slow her down.

Also Geordie is very helpful. He's making sure that Brigitte is having enough fun.

And since he is such a gentleman, he also wants to help Taylor out in all possible positions... I mean ways.

Reetta is doing housework also.

The only place she can rest a bit is the toilet seat.

Geordie makes sure that Reetta gets rewarded for her good deeds.

He's got the routine: first dinner, then dessert. We all know the story. No woman can resist him.

The girls are returning from their daily walks. Reetta says that she needs to ask a day off next weekend.
- See, I've been invited to a wedding. My best friend's parents are getting married. I'll show you the invitation. It's so beautiful.
Reetta takes the wedding invitation out of her backpack and shows it to Taylor and Brigitte.
- Look, aren't they just the most beautiful couple you've ever seen!

When Taylor sees the wedding invitation, she starts to scream like an animal and collapses on Brigitte's lap. Reetta is confused and a bit afraid. She doesn't understand at all what just happened.

Brigitte takes the invitation and says to Reetta:
- Of course you can take a day off and go to the wedding. And don't worry about Taylor. It's a long story and not your problem at all.

 Taylor keeps screaming.

She runs to the bathroom and locks herself in. She can´t stop crying and why would she... Everything is ruined.

She tries to drown herself in the shower. There´s no reason to live anymore.

Brigitte and Reetta break the lock on the door and storm into the bathroom. They find Taylor rolling on the floor, trying to inhale as much water as possible! Together they make Taylor sit up and ask her to get a grip of herself.
- Stop that right now! You were the one who left Veli in the first place, remember? It was your choice and now he is making his, Brigitte tells her.
Taylor cries:
- What am I going to do? My life is a mess. Why did I run away from him?
- Because you didn't want to be a housewife and a mother.
- But now I will be a mother anyway! It's not fair!!!!