Part 7

It´s the wedding day! Best man Ken and the minister are already waiting.

The music starts and two little bridesmaids enter the room.

A big sigh goes around the room when Kultu and Veli arrive. Ken has done a great job with the dress - it´s just what Kultu wanted.

The ceremony can start. But when the minister starts to speak, they all hear a big "bang" when the doors fly open...

... and someone runs in screaming like a maniac!!!

Yes, it is Taylor! And she looks horrible! She seems to have lost her mind completely!

Ken gets a bit scared and accidentally drops the ring pillow. He almost drops Ritva too! Taylor runs straight to Veli and yells: - Don't do it! We belong together! I'm the love of your life, not her!

Taylor throws herself into Veli's feet and keeps yelling like a baby.
Kultu says: - That bitch just has to ruin every single happy occasion we have had! She's a master of timing.

Kultu leaves the scene tnd goes to see how the kids are. She is worried about Ritva.

Suddenly two more uninvited guests arrive and immediately start dragging Taylor away from Veli.
- We are terribly sorry about this, Brigitte apologizes.

But now Taylor seems to be having even more reasons to scream:
- Oh my god I pissed myself!!!!
- No you didn't. Calm down. Your water broke. You need to go to the hospital now, says Reetta who has made her way through the crowd.

Geordie picks Taylor up and puts her on Brigitte's lap.

Kultu feels relieved when Taylor´s friends take care of this mad woman. Veli also, but right now he is more concentrated on Geordie, who is eyeing on the bride. He doesn't like that look one bit.

Finally, after the drama queen has been carried away, Veli and Kultu can finally say "I do".

The guests dance all night. After a long and hard week at work it's fabulous to relax on the dance floor and see old friends. And people who didn't know each other before get a chance to make new friendships.

The cover band Punainen Aortta performes. They play disco music from the 70s.

Reiska has a chance to sing a duet with the famous Claudia Gordon. It's an open mic all night so they get on stage and give a powerful performance! Those two have voices that send shivers down everyone's spine!

Muija finds her way to the bar very quickly.
- What the fuck is this? Home made blueberry juice! Oh crap!!!!

- Luckily I have prepared myself and brought my own drinks, Muija rejoices.
- Oh dear friend. When will you grow up? Ritva asks.

Naturally at some point the girls gather in some corner to gossip about that weird Taylor person. Who is she? What is her relationship with Veli?

Veli and Kultu are worried about the effect of the Taylor incident on Ritva's mental health but she assures them that she's alright.
- I will think about that later and right now I'm just having fun!

All the unmarried girls and gays are ready to catch the bouquet! Even Muija fights for her life for the bouquet.

It's Ken who grabs the flowers.
 - So it's your turn next, my dear brother in law. When is the big day?
- On March the 1st 2017 when we can finally have (at least some of) the same rights as you straight people!
Everybody cheers.

A bit later one of the uninvited guests returns!

Kultu and Veli are surprised to see this guy again.
 - We thought you went to the hospital. How is Taylor?
- She is fine. Giving birth takes some time so I figured I have plenty of time to come back here and apologize once again about the show that she caused. And congratulate you two!
- Thank you! Please be our guest and enjoy the party, Mister...?
- Just Geordie.

Geordie gives Kultu a big red rose and tells smoothly how amazingly beautiful she is. Kultu thanks him politely even though she thinks that red roses are the smost cliche thing ever. Right after this guy.

Geordie understands that his charm is not working on the bride for some strange reason, and he startsto check on the guests...

Reiska notices the suspicious gigolo approaching his woman and stops him quickly. Well, Geordie isn't that desperate anyway.

Luckily in every wedding party there's always a blonde woman who has a thing for Latinos. And who appreciates a beautiful red rose.