Part 8

While the wedding went on, Taylor gave birth to a handsome baby boy. This is "the monster inside her belly" as she has called him up until now.
- Thank you Brigitte for being there with me all the time. You are the best friend anyone can have!

This experience seem to have changed Taylor:
- You know I will do everything right this time. I'm going to take good care of him and give him the best possible childhood. I just wish I had an articulated body so I could feed him with this bottle.
- No breast feeding? Brigitte asks.
- Hahaha no!!!! I like my boobies too much for that. But he will be ok with bottle milk also. I'm going to call him Jason. My darling adorable little Jason. I love him so much!

Geordie enters the hospital room.
Brigitte: - Where have you been all night?
Geordie: - I had an appointment with the law... Awww there's my son!!!!

Brigitte is having a bad feeling about this.
Geordie: - Roses for the most beautiful mother in the world!

Geordie brings many presents for Jason.
- He's got my eyes! What a charmer! Oh the things I will teach him when he grows... Jason you said? It's a fine name. Jason will be a heartbreaker!

- So when are they letting him to leave this hospital? I want to fly back to Greece as soon as possible. My mother makes delicious moussaka and I miss it. Jason will be so happy living with his dad and grandma in the sunny Greece!
 Taylor and Brigitte are speachless.

Some days later Taylor is ready to leave the hospital. Conveniently she had an arm articulation surgery also, and it was a success. Now she will be able to take care of her baby much better.

- Can you imagine how great it feels to be able to wear fabulous clothes again! I can see my feet and I look amazing! This is awesome. If I ever get pregnant again just kick me in the butt! It's was a nightmare, being a whale! I think I need to get my tubes cut.
- That might be a good idea. By the way... Have you thought about Geordie? He really wants Jason.

- It's going to be an ugly fight. You abandoned your first child, you were a mud fighter in a notorious club, you tried to kill yourself in our bathroom and you acted like a raving maniac at Veli's wedding. I think Geordie might win in court. Besides he slept with the judge and you know that he is damn convincing in bed!

Taylor and Jason are at home. Riesa isn't interested about the new little person. He is just after that milk.

Now that the pregnancy hormones don't mess Taylor's head anymore, she has come up with a plan:
 - Hey girls... I'm going to ask Geordie to marry me.
Brigitte and Reetta:
- Whaaaaaaaaaaaat????????!!!!!!

 - How insane are you, falling in love with that gigolo?
- I'm not in love with him! Don't look at me like that! It would be a sham marriage of course. He could live here in Finland with us and won´t lose Jason! Reetta can cook him that moussaka, right? Brigitte, go talk to him!

Ritva and Reetta are talking in the classroom after lectures. Reetta is amazed to find out that her boss's hysterical roommate is actually Ritva's biological mother!

 Humor of the medical students.

The university is a big building and Ritva has such tiny feet. But as we know she is a clever girl: she rides a kick board inside the hallways.

For your information: a person formerly known as an elementary school teacher, Matias Laine, now plays the role of the professor at medical school. Here he is tidying up the class room after the students have left for their Easter holiday. The Anne doll however will spend the holidays in the closet of the class room.

Ritva is studying in her room when her father comes in and tells that there was a package for her in the mail.

The surprise package is from uncle Raynold! Ritva got a new figure for her Hello Kitty collection and a Hello Kitty sleeping bag!

Sometimes even child prodigies need to sit on dad's lap in a sleeping bag.

Geordie has agreed on the sham marriage plan on one condition: he gets to have the bedroom for himself. The girls and the baby will have to live in the living room. He will also get the citizenship of Finland and will be granted the same social and medical benefits as the locals. Great deal, he thinks. Except for the lack of moussaka.

Geordie hires a professional to do the bedroom renovation. It's unusual in Finland to have a tiled floor in a bedroom but Geordie wishes for a touch of his home land.

He also wanted to have a ceiling made out of mirror! Both Brigitte and Taylor were thinking:
"I can't wait to get to spend the night here with him under this mirror. Thank god Geordie lives with us now!"

Reiska painted the walls black and added the silver wall stickers that Geordie had ordered.

Reiska has now finished the renovation and Geordie is really happy.
- Thanks for the job well done!
- No problem, dude. I have never made a room like this for a straight guy before. Just wondering...
- I'm not an average straight guy. They usually have no clue about how to impress women. This room is made to please the ladies. Do you accept credit card?
- Naturally.

Geordie's love nest is all ready for action! Every woman who enters this room will be treated like a queen.

Geordie makes sure that both Taylor and Brigitte get to have fun with him. Sometimes even simultaneously.
- There's plenty for both of you, sweeties!

What about Reetta then? She will never fall for Geordie again. She can forgive herself that one mistake, but she would never do it twice.