Part 10

Since Mama Filia´s arrival every meal in this big happy family has been a feast. Except the part that she always lights a cigarette after eating.

Taylor has had enough of the smoking and suddenly she attacks her mother in law and tries to grab the cigarette!

Taylor's mud wrestling history comes in handy now!

Mama Filia is severely addicted to nicotine and she bites the cigarette hard. She's not going to give up!
- So you want more, you old cow? Taylor asks while Brigitte is cheering.

Taylor drags the old woman out mercilessly.
- You stay here and think about your actions! Taylor says to Filia who shouts something in Greek. She sure seems to be pissed, but Taylor doesn't care. Elvis's daughter or not, nobody smokes around Jason!

Next there is one mama's boy to deal with.
- And you! Start acting like a man! You are such a sissy! I'm not letting her in before those cigarettes are gone! Tell her that!

Geordie tries to talk some sense to his mother. With no results. It is a mission impossible for such a mama's boy. So he just brings her a warm coat.

It's getting dark. Mama Filia knows how to act like a martyr. She is staying out all night, smoking every second.

You probably can guess how astonished Taylor is in the morning, when she sees her first born child standing on the door step! The child genius is looking very dignified in her doctors coat. Brigitte and Geordie are amazed by this pocket sized doctor.

Ritva hasn't changed her opinion about Taylor. She still doesn't respect her one bit. But she cares about her baby brother and that's why she is offering her help.

Ritva doesn't trust in Taylor's ability to be a perfect parent, so she examines Jason. Just in case. But fortunately Jason is a wonderfully healthy baby boy.
- You and me, we share the same mother and that is our bad luck, but I will do my best to make sure your life will be as good as possible.

While she is already here, Ritva thinks she might as well take a look at the stubborn grandma who survived the cold night. With her fluent Greek she calmly explains the effecst smoke has on baby Jason. Being a woman of high age, Mama Filia also thinks highly of doctors, no matter what size or age they are.

Ritva manages to convince Mama Filia to only smoke outside the apartment. When she's inside, she has to suck something else. Filia agrees on that. Then she wants to show her photo album to the good doctor.

Taylor is doing her best as a mother but she can't help but feeling sorry for herself. All those broken dreams. She really wants to be on the cover of some magazine! And not only some catalogue selling cheap clothes. A real magazine! She wants to be a celebrity!

She is fed up of being poor. She hates all the old and dirty furniture that don't even match to each other.

Although Mama Filia is now sucking her carrots instead of cigarettes, she and Taylor are constantly arguing about something. Which is pointless because they can't understand a word of each other.
Mama Filia:
- Out of my kitchen you stupid girl! And take that stinking dog with you!
- Keep your voice down, you witch! Stop giving treats to Riesa! Poor dog gets too fat!

Riesa knows that when Mama Filia has finished her third glass of wine in the evening, she starts to spoil him.
- Good boy, have some pie with Filia. No wine for you, that is Filia´s special medicine. At least that tiny doctor didn't make me give up on my wine. And Taylor then... That girl showed some guts! She's spicier than I expected, Filia thinks to herself.
But she's never going to admit to anyone that she's actually a bit impressed by her daughter in law!

Since the apartment is really crowded these days the only place Brigitte and Taylor can have some privacy is the bathroom.

Brigitte says:
- If you really want to get famous, I know how you can do it.
- How?! Tell me! I have tried the modelling...
- Forget about that. You have pushed a piece of gold through you vagina, dear. There's your ticket to stardom.
- Jason? What do you mean... oh yes, Jason! I see your point! My little treasure! He´s going to make mummy so famous!

It's a rainy day. Ritva and Ulla are about to start playing Scrabble. They ask Veli if he wants to join the game, but Veli doesn't feel like losing again. In the meantime Veli is reading Seiska magazine. It's a Finnish trashy mag about celebrity rumors.
 - Adam Lambert seems to be back with our cute little Sauli... Veli mumbles even if the life of celebrities doesn't interest him one bit.

Suddenly Veli yells behind his magazine:
- Holy shit!!!!
The girls:
- Dad! Watch your language!

So, there she is on the cover of Seiska:  "Elvis is my son's great grandfather!"  This is a magazine that nobody admits reading but somehow is in the top 5 of the most successful Finnish magazines.

Exclusive interview! Only in Seiska! There's the whole story (with minor disinformation and inaccuracies) about Elvis's love affair with a Greek girl and how Taylor is now married to the King's grandson. Taylor has also given the magazine some old photos from Mama Filia's album! Naturally Seiska's sneaky reporter has found some photos of Taylor's mud wrestling history and suggestes that Taylor might be having an affair with a woman too!

Veli and Ritva are once again amazed by Taylor's actions. They are thankful for her not being a part of their life anymore.  Poor Jason though.

Time goes by and kids grow. Little Jason has learned to sit!

When Geordie has girls visiting him, the usual sleeping arrangements don't count. Taylor and Brigitte have to sleep in the living room.

Sleeping on the couch or on an armchair is no good in the long run.

This is how Mama Filia spends her nights: on the kitchen table. Not a pretty sight. Something has to be done.

Ken and Hector sometimes do volunteer work in a charity second hand shop. One day they arrive with a bunk bed, that will solve the sleeping problems in this household! Wow, it's heavy!

The girls decide to place the bed in the hallway, because all the other rooms are full of furniture already. Mama Filia and Brigitte are arguing about who gets to have the bottom bed! They both have challenges in climbing.

Taylor gives Mama Filia a hand. Up she goes! Filia is a heavy lady but eventually Taylor managed to push her up. This is going to be her job every night from now on.

Mama Filia has trouble with sleeping because of her menopause and she is sweating like a pig! When she finally falls asleep she snores really loudly.
- I wish she choked on that damn carrot! Taylor says to Brigitte.

Ritva pays a visit at Taylor's home quite often these days to make sure Jason is alright. Today she brings her old toys to Jason. Taylor is grateful because she can't afford buying toys for Jason.

 Taylor makes Jason listen to Elvis songs over and over again.
- Your first words are so going to be "Blue Suede Shoes"! You'll be shaking that tiny pelvis as soon as you can stand up on your own. We will finally be rich!

Suddenly the doorbell rings.
- Who can it be? I'm not expecting visitors! Are you, Jason?

A strange foreign woman storms in and giggles:
- Darling sister! Finally! I'm so happy to be here!
The woman tries to hug Taylor, but she gets annoyed and turns away.
- Sister? I don't have sisters!
- Oh yes you do now that you are married to my brother!

Mama Filia hears the voice of her daughter! She has arrived! What a warm reunion!

Geordie has forgot toe mention that he invited his sister to Finland.
- Calm down, Taylor! She´s only visiting. For a week or two... or longer...

Little Jason is the center of the attention. Three generations of Elvis Presley's Greek descendants make one loud crowd in a small apartment.

Taylor and Brigitte escape to the bathroom. Taylor is on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Once again.
- This is too much! I know that the economy of Greece has gone really bad but come on! No need to invade my home! What am I going to do???
 Brigitte stays calm.
- We will figure something out. I actually have missed a good old challenge. Leave it to me, I will come up with a plan soon enough.