Part 11

There´s a new shoe store in town and Taylor rushes to see if they have some great opening sale. It's about time to get decent high heels in this crappy little town!

- Good morning! How may I help you?
- I'm just watching if that's allright.
- Of course! Let me know if you need any help!

- How much are these?
- 385 euros.  Taylor nods in a civilized way, but secretly she thinks: Jesus Christ Allmighty!!! That's insane! Our whole month's grocery money!

Little Jason charms the cashier!
- Such an adorable little one!
- He is Elvis's great grand son. He's very fond of ladies. You can hold him if you want to.

The cashier lets Taylor look around on her own, because she can't resist Jason's charm!
- Related to Elvis! That should explain your handsomeness, she giggles.

Taylor makes a decision. The cashier won't notice anything!

- Didn't you find anything you liked, Miss?
- Oh, I did! Many! I will have to go home and think about it. Can I take this brochure with me?
- Certainly. Have a nice day and welcome again!

Later that day the cashier notices that a pair of the most expensive shoes is missing!
- Oh no! That brunette with a cute kid stole them! I shouldn't have opened the store before the surveillance cameras were set! Now I have no proof that it was her!!!!

Luckily there are people like these two ladies who can easily buy design shoes no matter how much they cost.They want quality and good design and they are willing to pay for it. But who are they?

Meet Teea and Leea! Just arrived to town from Milan. But why are they in our small town?

At the same time Brigitte is texting to someone: "Meet me at Cafe Indigo at 2pm. The address is..."

Leea and Teea have found their way to Cafe Indigo.
- I hope this is a decent place, Leea says.

When Teea and Leea enter Cafe Indigo, the waitress gets so excited that she drops the tray!
- OMG!!!! Miss Teea!!!! Welcome! I'm sorry... We don´t get to see famous actresses here very often... Please have a seat... I'll just clean this up.... Sorry sorry.... What can I get for you?

Teea and Leea give each other a certain look.
- Decent place? Clearly, Teea says.

- Don't you have anything that's NOT fattening?! ?????
The waitress (trying to pull herself together):
- I can fix you a salad.

The waitress brings Teea's salad but once again the service doesn't please her.
- There's feta cheese in it!!!! Do I look like someone who'd eat fattening cheese?! Make me another one! And make it quick!

Brigitte comes in and Teea snaps:
- Finally! You are 5 minutes late, Brigitte! What took you so long?
- Shut it Teea! Can't you see she's in a wheelchair. You shouldn't be so hard on handicapped people! Leea replies.

- Looking gorgeous Bee! But what's up with the hot wheels? What happened? Leea asks.
- It's a long story. That's not why I asked you here though, Brigitte replies.

Brigitte takes a magazine out of her handbag and says:
 - I have a business proposal for you...

One week later Taylor and Brigitte are in the meeting room at Leea's office. They are discussing about a reality TV show that Teea will be hosting and Taylor will be starring!

Teea and Leea are introducing the idea of a reality show that reveals the life of King Elvis's daughter Filia, grandson Geordie and great grandson Jason. Taylor will be the only one who knows that there are hidden cameras all around their home.

- Because reality shows are never real, here comes our writer. May I introduce the best in business, Kari!

Kari charms Taylor immediately.
- The audience wants to see sex, fights and surprises. We are going ro give them all that and even more. Are you ready to becoming a star, sugar?

 - If the show... When the show becomes really popular, we will get even better sponsors. You will get clothes, shoes, and whatever you want. I'm even talking about a new house for you, Taylor! Sign here, please, Leea says.

Leea turns to Brigitte:
- And you will take care of the signatures of the Greek family, right?
- Right. You can count on me.

Brigitte calls the greek family together:
- Hey you guys, I need you all to sign this paper.

 - It's all in Finnish. What are we signing? We can't understand this.

Brigitte: - Thank you. It's just a contract about getting security cameras around here. Here's the English translation on a separate paper. Geordie, could you read it and explain to Mama Filia, please.