Part 12

"The King's Descendants" has become Veli's and Ulla's favorite tv show these days. Once a week these two have this especial father-daughter quality time together watching Taylor's shananigans. Ulla is enjoying every second.
- I can't believe you were in love with that Taylor, dad! She's painting sideburns on a toddler's face! What a freak! And she's Ritva's biological mother! That´s unbelievable. OMG LOL and other teenage frases...

- How low can you two go, Ritva says.
When that show is on, she has much better things to do.

Ritva's strength is in her brains. She's never been a very athletic child. Kultu teaches Ritva the basics of ice skating.

One evening Mama Filia and Afrodite are watching Filia's photo album when Afrodite asks:
- Mama, do you still have that 8 mm film from your childhood?
- Of course. Go get Geordie and the projector! Let's watch it right away!

Afrodite rushes to the living room where the rest of the so-called family is unwinding. Jason has just fallen asleep.
- Come everybody! Mama will show us a home movie from her childhood! Geordie, find the projector!

- Here's this old wreck. Does anyone know how to use it?

Mama Filia opens her suitcase majestically and takes out an old film reel.

Geordie reads the manual carefully. The worst scenario would be that the precious film would burn in front of their eyes. These vintage projectors are merciless!

It's rolling!!!! How exciting is this! Everyone is staring at the wobbly light on the wall...

(The movie is made by the talented and amazing @juanlover69)

After seeing the old film of Filia and Elvis, Taylor and Brigitte have no doubt anymore: Filia really is the King's daughter! (Photo by @juanlover69)

Now that the reality show about Elvis's descendants has become a success Taylor has finally some money to waste.

Taylor loves her new clothes and jewellery, but most of all she loves her smart phone. Finally she too can take selfies! They say that money can't buy happiness but Taylor strongly disagrees.

- Hurry up, Jason! Mummy hasn't got all day! (Yes, that is Taylor's son Jason. He's a big boy now.)

- Stand still now! Mummy will fix your hair. I think I will have the sideburns tattooed on your cheeks.

Ritva is not at all pleased about the reality show that his baby brother has been dragged into.

Afrodite, Geordie and Mama Filia are still happily unaware of the fact that they are starring a popular reality show. They don't have TV in the house and obviously they don't read the Finnish gossip magazines.

Geordie hasn't got a clue about the real reason why his bedroom has lately been even more crowded than usual.

Taylor is watching Mama Filia's photo album:
- Jason is a spitting image of Geordie as a kid! Afrodite, could you ask your mother if she still has this tiny Elvis costume that Geordie is wearing in this picture.

Mama Filia opens her treasure suitcase and pulls out a little golden outfit. Taylor is thrilled!
- Omg I can't wait to try this on him! Just think about it... the possibilities this opens for me...

- It's just the right size! The world is going to love you, Jason!

Taylor picks Jason up and says: - Let's go to daddy's room now.

- Geordie, get rid of that bitch. I need this room for other purposes, Taylor says and makes sure Jason doesn't see or hear what's going on in daddy's bed.
- Heyyyy, is he wearing my childhood Elvis costume?! Cool! Geordie replies and then says to the blondie between his legs:
- Hey, babe, this is enough, I need to focus on my kid and wife now. I'll call you...

The blonde lady leaves the room gracefully, wiping her mouth.

- That golden curtain makes a splendid background for our golden boy, Taylor giggles.
Naturally Taylor creates social media accounts for Jason. Tiny Elvis is now everywhere and gets thousands of followers immediately.

While his bedroom is needed, Geordie checks out the local bar.

There's an army boy on an evening holiday, who gladly plays a game of pool with Geordie.

When Geordie and the soldier are about to start their game, Muija recognizes that Greek god!
- Omg!!!! That's Geordie from the King's Descendants!!!! Omg!!!! Help me get down!!!!

Muija storms to Geordie and immediately grabs his groin!
 - Hey miss, what the hell do you think you're doing?! That´s sexual harassment! Geordie yells.

- I know you preferrrr blondesh, but I'm not a natural brunette... I can shhhhow you... Hey sign my tit ok?!
- What the...? Geordie is a bit confused.

As we all know Geordie never says no to a woman and naturally he signs Muija's breast as she wished.

At this point the bartender takes Muija under his arm and says:
- Reiska is right outside parking his car. I'll walk you out, let's go. Time to go home.
While Muija is being taken outside, Geordie says to the soldier:
- Wow... I know I have a certain reputation among the ladies. Well deserved reputation I might add. But signing a boob... That's never happened before.